Tips : Role Model

If you want your children to have good manner, than you have to be their role model because children imitates everything they see.

This statement about role model is easy to say but come as a challenge for adult. Here, in adults world, everything is allowed to do. We are no longer live with too many rules, we live as a free human being. But not for the children. They still learn about what they may and may not, ethics, norm, and many forbidden things for them.

How can we as adult could perform exactly like a child does ?

We can say ” No” to a child but actually we do that “No things” in front of them. Pretty challenging isn’t ?

So, what should we do then ? Explaining to a small child about this is not an easy way. Anyway, at least we can put positive habits in our life to show the children that we are performing good behavior. And when you want to be naughty, make sure you don’t do it in front of them. Good luck !

by Zaitu Asrilla

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